We would like to say thank you to your 24/7 service team which helping me out about restoring our website back to normal on an usual day, Sunday (Non office hour). 

Supposing should follow the official procedure during office hour with CS team, but they made a choice of helping us out about this urgent issue in an non office hour and that's what 24/7 service team should perform on any urgent matter. I would personally thank to Mr.Hung that even I don't quite clear on explaining how bad the website should be but he made an wise decision to enquire whether he should or should not make further process on this issue. 

Being flexibility and not stuck in a rut is a very good model to be admirable. Keep this good job every day.

Jack - Tri-Light Zone

Great stuff Larry, thank you. Again I’m grateful for your good service. 

Henry Wood - Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

致 Support同事︰ 您們好﹗謝謝您們快捷幫忙協助﹗值得一讚﹗  

Yung Mak - 集友工藝玻璃工程有限公司

Thank you so very much for rushing the site for me. Your work is deeply appreciated. Once again, thank you.

Tony - Spider Web Consulting Company

Thank you!  UDomain has the best service! With best wishes for the new year. 

Dimitri - Manifold Software Limited

Hello – I’ve done some quick testing here and the colouring function is running to good speed. Brilliant.

Thanks everyone for persevering with this –I know it’s not been easy.

Katy Chandler - Upper Street London Ltd

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team, always very efficient and helpful.


Take care and all the best to you and UDomain!

Debra Lau - Cafe Deco Group




Laura Wang - Beijing Mandarin
Earlier tonight I asked for some help from George regarding the new exchange
email accounts I had requested.

I was most impressed by George's service. He was very patient and was able
to troubleshoot with me in a systematic manner.

Please send my congratulations to your team and in particular, George.

Looking forward to more good experiences with UDomain.

Gary Yung - Citywide Properties Ltd.

Thanks very much indeed.

Chu Sir and I surely appreciate your kind consideration and prompt action to make our web look as good as possible.

Dr. Stewart Wong – Stemcelllink.com
Wonderful. Thanks Ruby. I like UDomain more and more.
Dickson Lam - Astroway Limited
服務上總算良好...有時電腦上有一點不知明的問題,你們的服務員Ruby Kun都會十分友善地解答。
Yen - Great View Int'l Development Ltd
Your company hosts my Email for me. I had some software problems that resulted in me having to reinstall my Email account onto a different program. I phoned UDomain for help and spoke to Peggie Leung. I have to say her customer service is excellent. Also, I am technically inept Ms Leung took the time and patience to talk me though installing the new software. When it didn\'t work properly, Peggie went away found the problem and phoned me back at the pre-arranged time and solved the problem. Very impressive. Please say thank you to her.
Jon Edwards - English Solutions

We would like to express our greatest gratitude for sponsoring the web hosting service of The Conservancy Association these years. We wish you every success in your business


Alvin - Pleton Information Technology Consultant Co.

City Art Design Limited

Miss Shirley Choi - Hercules Capital Limited
I would like to thank your technical support team that always give me full technical support and get me back the answer right away.

Ms. Hokie Chan - Digi International

I'm a freelance web designer. I'm very satisfied with your services, prices, server stability and problem reporting system. Otherwise, I won't recommend UDomain to my clients.


Cherry Chung, Hung Fung Toys Manufacturing Limited
The quick response from your service team is really impressive.
Lewis Liu - 金至尊
With the excellent and professional service provided by your company, I am sure I have chosen the right web hosting company in our business and would like to recommend to all other our business partners in future.

Sally Chan - Artistic Decoration Engineering Co
Boris Tam - Styland Enterprises Limited

張小姐 - 東英金融集團

Peggy Ko - 長者網絡發展協會

施小姐 - 萬里機構
張先生 - 龍訊投資財經網站



Ripple Miao - Kingford PCB Electronics Co., Ltd.
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